Maintenance Services

Take back your Saturdays! Royal Lawn Maintenance is here to provide you with the best landscaping maintenance service in the High Desert. A lot of our High Desert neighborhoods have large residential lot sizes, which can be really nice, but it can also be a complete headache to maintain. If you have an established landscaped yard, give us a call so we can take the burden of maintaining your yard off of your hands.


General Clean-up

If you buy a new property or simply let your yard go awhile, please let us help. We will be happy to give you a quote to a full general clean-up and get you back in to maintenance mode.



The desert winds blow weed seedlings all over the place. Weeds grow between rocks and where there seems to be absolutely no water. We can help weed your yard to keep it looking pristine.



Do you want that planted? We can do that too! In addition to yard maintenance, we can replace plants upon request. You buy them, we plant them. Just give a heads up and we’ll take care of it.

All Aspects Covered


We maintain all of our customer’s yards as if they were our own.


We are a reliable bunch. One way or another, we will service your yard.

Clean & Tidy

We don’t leave behind a mess. The High Desert winds do enough of that.

Some of Our Work

All yards need maintenance. Here are a couple of our customer’s front and rear yards that require constant trimming and weed pulling. So that these yards look as perfect as the day they were completed.

Rock Landscaping Maintenance Front Yard
Rock Landscaping Maintenance Rear Yard

Let’s Get Started

Your perfectly groomed yard awaits. Let’s get the ball rolling on having Royal Lawn maintain your landscaping today.